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Other Industries: Portfolio

Other Industries



An optical products designer and manufacturer for the personal computer, teleconference, surveillance and security industries, headquartered in Seoul, Korea.


CapMAC Holdings

A credit enhancement and financial guarantee company for assets-backed and structured finance products, headquartered in New York ( Acquired by MBIA, Inc. in Feb 98 for $540mm)


NWP Services Corporation, acquired by Real Page


The leading provider of outsourced utility and rent billing and sub-metering services to multi-family apartment owners. NWP is headquartered in Irvine, California.


Outlast Technologies, acquired by Coors

A fabric technology licensing company, headquartered in Colorado.


Co-Tech Copper Foil Corporation

A copper foil manufacturer producing key material for the Copper Clad Laminate and Print Circuit Board industries. Headquartered in Taiwan. Co-Tech Copper Foil Corporation began trading on Taiwan Stock Exchange under symbol 8358 in September 2010.

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Home Inn

Home Inns is a hospitality management company and a motel franchise operator based in Hong Kong, with operations in Beijing and Shanghai. Home Inns Group was founded in 2002 with a ground breaking vision of a new kind of comfortable lodging experience throughout China. With professional and courteous service, comfortable rooms, convenient locations, and prices that make sense for individual business and leisure travelers, Home Inns Group is helping to redefine travel in China for the 21st century. Its extensive hotel network distinguishes it from competition. As of June 30, 2012, Home Inns Group operated across 233 cities in China with a total of 1,580 hotels. It is one of the top 3 motel brands in China and with rapid expansion plans which will make it the undisputable segment leader within three years.  Home Inns went public in October 2006 under the symbol HMIN on NASDAQ and was acquired by BTG Hotels Group in 2016 in a cash transaction of $1.2 billion.

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