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Jonas Wang Ph.D.

Investment Professional

Dr. Jonas Wang is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Stemcyte, Inc. and former Partner at Sycamore Ventures where he focused on life sciences and biotechnology investments. Prior to joining Sycamore in 2001, Jonas was Vice President of Research and Technology at Johnson & Johnson (“J&J”) Consumer Products and a Corporate Director of J&J Drug Delivery Technology Resource Center, responsible for new product technology, patent strategy, competitive intelligence, and new measurement methodology for skin and hair care franchise. Prior to joining J&J, he was an Associate Director of Basic Pharmaceutics, the Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Dr. Wang has over 40 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D management and business development. He was also a member of J&J Consumer Product Worldwide’s Licensing & Acquisition Committee and was the key driver for several major acquisitions. He has published extensively in drug delivery technology and received several awards in his field, including the Johnson Medal, the highest technical achievement award at J&J, for one of his inventions: anti-wrinkle cream. Dr. Wang also received the Distinguished Alumni awards from the National Defense Medical Center at University of Iowa. During his career with J&J, Jonas developed more than 10 core technologies, and filed more than 30 business-related patents.

Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. in Physical Pharmacy from University of Iowa, USA and Pharmacy degree from National Defense Medical Center in Taiwan, Republic of China

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