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David Lichtenstein

Administrative Professional

Mr. Lichtenstein is our Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. Mr. Lichtenstein has been a Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of Sycamore Ventures since 1997. At Sycamore Ventures, he has led the fund reporting and administration team for eight foreign private equity/private-investment-in-public-equity (“PIPE”) funds and one U.S. based private equity small business investment company (“SBIC”) fund.  Prior to joining Sycamore Ventures, Mr. Lichtenstein was the Controller of Shields & Company (now Wellington, Shields & Co.), a Wall Street broker/dealer and investment house and Treasurer/Controller of Atlantic Capital Corporation, a billion dollar alternative investment firm.
He began his working career at the “Big Four” accounting firm of Ernst & Whinney (now EY) specializing in the audits of investment-related companies.
Mr. Lichtenstein holds a B.S in accounting from the University at Albany.

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