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Bin Li

Investment Professional

Partner (risk control, finance, post-investment management, capital operation) Huapu - Sycamore Capital Risk Control Partner & Capital Partner.
Master of Political Economy, Peking University, with more than 11 years of experience in strategic investment. She has presided over Uniview Technology (M&A), Huayu Airport (M&A), Yunwei Credit Information (M&A), Smartway (VC), Huasheng Insurance (Acquisition), Qingzhi Technology (VC), Tiantong Weishi (VC), Baiyun Information (mixed reform) and other project investment and mergers and acquisitions. She has successively raised, established and managed two industrial equity investment funds (Beijing Internet of Vehicles Fund, Chongqing Intelligent Transportation Fund), and is responsible for post-investment management, risk control and industrial empowerment of 135 subsidiaries of China Transinfo Group. She has extensive experience in corporate restructuring, IPO, refinancing, post-investment empowerment, risk management, and asset restructuring. She has operated China Transinfo Group and Zhejiang Academy of Communications, Heilongjiang Communications (joint venture company director), Jilin Expressway, Shandong Expressway, China Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group (director of the joint venture company), Baiyun Airport (director of the mixed reform company), Dali Digital City (director), Shanghai Intelligent Transportation (director), Chongqing Qianfang Microfinance (supervisor), Haiguo Rongzhi (Beijing) Haidian District Guidance Fund (GP) and other companies' mixed ownership reform and establishment of joint venture companies, and is responsible for the establishment of industrial ecology and post-investment empowerment.

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