Welcome to Sycamore Ventures

Sycamore Ventures is an internationally recognized private equity and venture capital firm with assets under management in the United States, India and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our asiaSTAR group of funds primarily focuses on the Greater China region. We look for expansion stage companies with strong management teams and the potential to capture leadership positions in their niche sectors. We invest in a broad range of sectors including information technology, consumer, manufacturing, and media. We seek to invest US$5-20 million equity in each company to fund its growth.

India is also a key geographic market for us. We look for midsize companies with matured business model, sustainable profitability and potential for significant top line growth. Typically we seek to invest US$10-25 million directly in the company to fund such growth. However, in case of extraordinary opportunities, we may invest up to US$100 million in a single company.

In the US, we invest in late stage information technology and bio-pharmaceutical companies with proven business models and management teams with strong execution capabilities. We seek to invest at least US$5 million into a single company.

Often, our portfolio companies leverage our financial and operational expertise, entrenched relationships in global capital markets, active investment portfolios and investment activities to accelerate business development, financial restructuring and M&A.